WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cloud Nurdz 100ML E-Liquid

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Cloud Nurdz 100ML E-Liquid
Nicotine Level Flavor Availability Unit Price Subtotal Qty
0mg Grape Strawberry 88 $0.00
    0mg Watermelon Apple 211 $0.00
      0mg Grape Apple 73 $0.00
        0mg Grape Apple ICED 36 $0.00
          0mg Grape Strawberry ICED 31 $0.00
            0mg Kiwi Melon 45 $0.00
              0mg Kiwi Melon ICED Out of Stock $0.00
                0mg Peach BlueRazz 178 $0.00
                  0mg Peach BlueRazz ICED Out of Stock $0.00
                    0mg Strawberry Lemon 91 $0.00
                      0mg Strawberry Lemon ICED 19 $0.00
                        0mg Watermelon Apple ICED Out of Stock $0.00
                          3mg Grape Strawberry 1323 $0.00
                            3mg Watermelon Apple 2126 $0.00
                              3mg Grape Apple 1104 $0.00
                                3mg Grape Apple ICED 799 $0.00
                                  3mg Grape Strawberry ICED 555 $0.00
                                    3mg Kiwi Melon 1399 $0.00
                                      3mg Kiwi Melon ICED 903 $0.00
                                        3mg Peach BlueRazz 2735 $0.00
                                          3mg Peach BlueRazz ICED 1307 $0.00
                                            3mg Strawberry Lemon 1619 $0.00
                                              3mg Strawberry Lemon ICED 906 $0.00
                                                3mg Watermelon Apple ICED 1678 $0.00
                                                  6mg Grape Strawberry 1079 $0.00
                                                    6mg Watermelon Apple 1544 $0.00
                                                      6mg Grape Apple 1086 $0.00
                                                        6mg Grape Apple ICED 485 $0.00
                                                          6mg Grape Strawberry ICED 420 $0.00
                                                            6mg Kiwi Melon 733 $0.00
                                                              6mg Kiwi Melon ICED 576 $0.00
                                                                6mg Peach BlueRazz 1480 $0.00
                                                                  6mg Peach BlueRazz ICED 1487 $0.00
                                                                    6mg Strawberry Lemon 994 $0.00
                                                                      6mg Strawberry Lemon ICED 740 $0.00
                                                                        6mg Watermelon Apple ICED 1519 $0.00

                                                                          Cloud Nurdz offers an assortment of Award-Winning fruit flavors. Each flavor is packed with a fruit duo that blends into an amazing candy e-liquid that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

                                                                          Grape Strawberry: Sweet Strawberry and Tangy Grape candy greatness that does not let down.
                                                                          Strawberry Lemon: Sour Lemon and Sweet Strawberry Candy made for the sweet tooth.
                                                                          Peach Blue Razz: Juicy Peach and poppin Blue Razz that delivers a perfect tart satisfaction like no other.
                                                                          Watermelon Apple: Sour Apple with Juicy Watermelon candy that will leave you craving more.
                                                                          Grape Apple: Green Apple and Juicy Grape blend into an amazing candy flavor, easily an all-day vape.
                                                                          Kiwi Melon: A refreshing blend of Sweet Kiwi and Juicy Melon with a candy twist.

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